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VSF offer a complete provisioning service run with the same professional care and attention to detail that has made us the pre-eminent supplier of fine wines and spirits to yachts throughout the French and Italian Riviera and around the world. Please download our provisioning brochure here.

We provide crew and guest toiletries, laundry and housekeeping essentials and galley provisioning all in the one place.

Our offices are based in the famous gastronomic city of Nice. We use local suppliers who produce world renowned specialities right on our doorstep! Meat comes from neighbouring valleys, for example, the famous sheep of Sisteron. Local fish, such as mullets, bream, sea urchins, and anchovies are caught by traditional fishermen. And of course, olive oil made in the Niçoise hills.

However, we are not restricted to local produce; we also have fabulous suppliers of imported Wagyu beef, Asian specialities and a range of soy sauces to suit every palate. All of this alongside access to some of the more difficult to source favourites from the UK, USA, Russia and the Middle East. And don't forget charter guest favourites; foie gras, caviar and truffles.

From the receipt of your order, whether by email or by phone, we aim to keep you informed right up to the point of delivery. Every possible care is taken to ensure that the items ordered reach you in optimum condition.

Our team is here for you, seven days a week, early until late. We take pride and pleasure in solving the problems you give us, as rapidly as possible, so that you no longer need to worry - no matter how obscure, particular or demanding the needs of your guests!

The VSF team is comprised of people who speak French as well as English, with unparalleled local knowledge, and a passion for food. We also have experience of yachting from the inside giving us a greater understanding of your guest and crew demands. Let us use this expertise to help you, in sourcing top quality, best value and hard to find items.

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Ordering, Delivery, Payment

Ordering is easy!

Phone: +33 (0)4 22 10 67 70
Email: provisioning@vsfgroup.com

We have an order form and price list in an Excel format available to help you with ordering (email provisioning@vsfgroup.com to obtain your copy), but of course we are happy to accommodate your specific requests wherever possible, and our team will be pleased to talk through the preference sheet with you or your chef.

Upon receipt of your order we will contact you, with any queries we may have that need clarification, or to offer alternatives and substitutes, and to confirm your preferred delivery date, time and location. 


We deliver free from our base in Nice to ports throughout the Riviera, from St Tropez to Imperia using our own fleet of temperature controlled vehicles. For deliveries further afield, please call for a quote.

Fresh produce is delivered to us in the morning direct from market. Large orders of fresh produce are likely therefore to get to you in the afternoon. Availability of fresh and seasonal produce can be limited at certain times (for example, fresh fish on Mondays as there is no catch on a Sunday in France). We will always keep you up to date on any alternatives proposed by our suppliers.

Understandably we are unable to accept returns of fresh produce – meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, or other un-resaleable items - once your order is confirmed with us.

We endeavour to fulfil your order to your exact specification and will never send substitutions without first contacting you. Certain brands may not be available in France, or at short notice, so we will advise on alternative options.

We aim to turn around your order as fast as possible, however the more notice the better in order to source all specific requirements. For fresh produce, our suppliers need at least 24 hours.


We are happy to accept cash, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and Amex {1.75% surcharge}), and wire transfers. Please let us know how you wish to pay when ordering.  Unless previously agreed, payment is due in full on delivery.

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Fresh Fish, Shellfish & Caviar

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We provide only the highest quality fish and shellfish. Supplied vacuum packed and labelled, and prepared according to your specific requirements.

Our local fishmonger is passionate about all types of seafood. He prepares his own premier quality smoked salmon, with a very delicate, sweetly smoky taste. This salmon can be sliced or left as a whole piece, approximately 1kg per salmon side.

We are also able to supply the world’s best caviar at current market prices: from Beluga caviar with its large, dark-grey grains and faint ocean-fresh taste, to the creamy walnut notes of Oscietra, or the finest Sevruga, appreciated by connoisseurs for being the most flavoursome of all.

Please be as specific as possible when placing your seafood order. From portion size to packing requirements and whether you’d prefer skin on or off – all will help to ensure your order is delivered correctly!

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Meat & Charcuterie

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We have built up strong relationships with our local butchers and charcuterie suppliers over the years to ensure that we can offer the broadest range of the very finest cuts of meat.

Our most popularly ordered meats include deliciously tender New Zealand lamb, Scottish Black Angus fillet and fine Australian Wagyu beef. But whatever your guests request, we will try our best.

Descriptions of cuts of meat vary in France, Britain, North America and Australasia so please ensure you include a contact phone number with your order or telephone us so that we can discuss your exact requirements. Even diagrams are available, just ask!

All meat is delivered vacuum packed and labelled and prepared to your specific requirements. We also supply a full range of gourmet charcuterie, from imported  English bacon and spicy Milanese salamis, to the most delicious and ultra-fine quality Jamón Ibérico, direct from Spain where our award-winning supplier has traditionally produced this highly sought-after delicacy since 1900.

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Fruit & Vegetables

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We understand the important role top quality produce plays in every dish, no matter how basic or sophisticated the fruit or vegetable requirements. From carrots and courgette flowers to edamame and edible flowers, we will try to track down exactly what you need.

We have found a local greengrocer who hand selects everything to ensure that you are delivered only the freshest fruit and vegetables available on the market, on the morning of your delivery.

We will be happy to advise on the seasonal availabilities and local specialities with which you can delight your guests.

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Cheese & Dairy

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“How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?” Charles de Gaulle

Where better than the South of France to explore not only these 246 (now more in fact!) French cheeses, but also those from across the border in Italy? 

We have access to an extensive selection of fine cheeses to satisfy even the most exigent gourmand.

Our range is not just limited to local varieties however, with imported favourites such as English Cheddar, to locally sourced Cypriot favourite Haloumi – not to be missed!

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Oils & Vinegars

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Olive oil is something of an obsession here at VSF! We get quite excited when it comes to trying new olive oils, almost as excited as we get about tasting new wines!

Our search for the best olive oils really does go hand in hand with our search for the finest wines. Our wine team travels the world exploring vineyards and many produce excellent olive oils, some of which are of outstanding quality and often not available for general sale. Whether your preference is for Italian, Spanish or Greek olive oil - not a problem! We can source to match any favourite.

Our French collection reflects our pick of local producers, such as Nicolas Alziari, first pressed in Nice in 1868 and whose decorative blue tins, which will be familiar to those who have spent some time on the Côte d'Azur, are a colourful addition to the pantry.

We also have a vast range of other oils and gourmet infusions. Vegetable oils, nut oils and even coconut oils are all available to order.

Whether you're looking for simple cooking vinegars, Champagne vinegar, or authentic Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale di Modena D.O.P., we can help. We stock the Balsamico range from the Leonardi estate; the family have been producing the finest balsamic vinegars since the mid-19th century. Their vast selection includes a dizzying array of aged vinegars up to 150 years old, the perfect finishing touch to numerous dishes.

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Ingredients Store

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We are here to help you to find the best range of products, both French and imported, that are available in France. 

We offer an extensive selection of dry stores, grocery and frozen items to complement and complete our provisioning range.

One of our French favourites and ever popular with guests, chefs and crew, is the Boiron range of frozen fruits, purées and coulis. Choose from a wide range of flavours, including the Boiron White Peach purée, the ideal ingredient with Prosecco for a perfect Bellini!

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Whatever the obscure international ingredient you need, the chances are that we know exactly where to find it! We have access to extensive supplies of international products; Asian, Indian, Russian, English, American, Greek, Middle Eastern, African, Caribbean and even Australian 

(Tim Tams, anyone?). Please do not hesitate to let us know your requirements.

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Our range includes divine artisanal chocolates from Lac and La Maison du Chocolat, along with other famous brands that may be requested by your guests.

We can also suggest a range of turndown chocolates to suit any guest preferences.

For your culinary needs, we stock the finest Valrhona patisserie chocolate, guaranteed to make any of your desserts irresistible and mouth-watering!

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Tea & Coffee

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From humble PG Tips, to the finest teas from Damman or Mariage Frères, and the simplest ground coffee right the way to the most highly prized Arabica beans from Africa to Costa Rica we have access to the greatest diversity of tea and coffee available locally. We can supply or find the capsules that your machine requires, or the decaf tea bags that the guests have asked for, and everything in between.

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Organic & Special Requirements

We have many organic products in our list, and good connections to the various ‘bio’ suppliers in France. If it was possible to avoid the use of chemicals in the production of something, someone probably has and we will look for it for you. This neatly complements the many and diverse organic (certified or otherwise) and biodynamic wines in our comprehensive range.

For any special dietary requirements, VSF is your resource for finding specialty products here on the Riviera. We have excellent suppliers of Kosher and Halal produce. We also have a comprehensive range of gluten-free and lactose-free products.

The most important consideration is that you give us as much detail as possible with your order so we can assist in the best possible way.

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All the diverse cleaning, polishing, and laundry products you may need are available from VSF. Those we do not stock we can search out for you and even import if there is time and need.

A recent development is the launching of green and environmentally-friendly cleaning products. As the health and environmental impact of conventional cleaning products become more thoroughly understood, more and more brands of healthy, green, and effective ones have become available and of interest to yacht crew and guests. Many of these products are non-toxic, biodegradable, and made from renewable resources.

If you are unsure which product is best for your cleaning needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to advise on the most suitable available.

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We offer a fantastic range of must-have luxury toiletries from Molton Brown, as well as the ever- popular Bvlgari products. These join our wider range of bathroom and welcome aboard items. From your everyday requirements such as hand wash and toothpaste, to your guests’ preferred brand of suntan lotion, you are likely to find it in our list and if you cannot, please contact us with your preferences and we will be happy to try and source it for you.

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Soft Drinks

We keep permanent stocks of the most popular brands, and those that are hard to find in France, such as Schweppes Soda Water, Bitter Lemon and Ginger Ale. 

Whatever the latest trend may be that keeps appearing on your preference list, whether it be coconut water or olive juice for the perfect martini, let us help!

We are well aware of specific requirements for packaging and pack sizes. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a quote.

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Whatever your requirements or budget, we can supply the right water for your crew and your guests. From artesian waters like Fiji and Voss to popular brands such as Evian, Volvic, Perrier and San Pellegrino, we can top up your water supplies in a very quick turnaround from the stocks in our warehouse in Nice.

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Beers & Spirits

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We stock a comprehensive range of beers and spirits. For 2012 a wider range of ‘Lite’ beers is now available in France, including Coors, Amstel, Heineken and Miller to accompany our comprehensive selection of French and international lagers and ales.

Our range of spirits features every likely request and includes many products not widely available in France, from your everyday bar essentials to an impressive array of prestige and luxury brands.

Throughout the season we will keep updated with any developments relating to the current must-have cocktail ingredient.

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